Asian beauty girl‘ name is 長月ラム

Actress S1 debut has been set very crazy lustful woman: let her fill in the interest column "sex", even in her work heading the word "ド su ケ ベ" (very lecherous).words; and observe its appearance, in addition to the S1 shape their light ripe lecherous image using a large number of sexy revealing clothes, her face is also the look of Yin Jian appearance, plus she was not tall, but a D cuprounded breast Kennedy, the body is also very fit and looks like a sex good opponent looks like!

This is probably the recent S1 shaping the image of the most successful newcomers: do not know if this is the The S1 cock right decision, because of the image set and S1 only simple dry as dry and then been dry works too fit, coupled with on "long months ra Rousseau" (long months Ram long months Ram,) a start on the show the considerable skills of the "deep throat", "water-Yi Yao," the effort, was the male superior twitch of will rub their own milk, the back bit of the side riding side did not forget to twist the sets of action to attempt to pursue pleasure, coupled with S1 deliberately marked with dark and dim the lights, so you feel like being at a red light household short, the whole works have been made to have enough kinky!
Bloggers point of view: typical killer cover of map revision, a bit too real and too ugly, but the contrast of the picture contrast makes it difficult to accept.
Comments: 8 scale of the face 8 body 8.5 performance 8.5 integrated allure of 8

Born 1987 -10-28
Blood Type: A
Height: 153 the CM
Measurements: B83 W58 H83
Cup: D


Japanese AV beautiful 立花美凉 introduction

立花美凉 there are two names, the HMP debut in 2007, called the snow is Mizuho ta ru. Unfortunately, only made ​​a debut that is, retreat.
10 years at the Max-a resurrection, performed six months after the second disappearance. 11 years back to join the mosquito coils community renamed  立花美凉 .

Actress in 2010 so many "disappeared", the snow is a lot of fans of the Max-a Mizuho ta ru (snow is a firefly) obsession?
The snow is Mizuho ta ru (snow is a firefly) the appearance does have boarded the thin strip of sky level, although quiet for three years led to her face a little to light Mature Even in the "School, days school で ã ッ ku su." Works put on student services also not too tender sense, but I think some lady temperament, her, or the appearance of OL and the wife is most suitable for. Of course, just face temperament did not use, snow is Mizuho ta ru (snow is a firefly) of the body also is quite perfect: First, just and name, she have one pair of "snow big boobs", fair complexion, big tits shape is also quite good, in addition to really nothing good to the nipple color is a little deep discerning; best of all, her proportion, a pair of leg long and thin, and then with "Whitening" was originally to her advantage, whether it is with stockings or the lens to do close-up, are so show an lean sexy charm ...

Really a while Kiichi and sad, the joy is that perhaps had the chance to see the performances of the snow is Mizuho ta ru (snow is a firefly), the worry is that the film-makers, only Prestige level, I'm afraid of her pretty face, firm bimodal and white carcass, after she became the monomer Actress film companies take when consumables in successive piston slowly wither ...
Fortunately,立花美凉 really back.

Bloggers point of view: the real girl, face, body, skin and impeccable, this excellent red, tolerate that.
Comment: face 9.5 body 9.5 performance scale 8.5 8.5 Comprehensive allure 9

Birthday: May 15, 1988
Star sign: Aries
Height: 162 Cm,
Blood Type: AB
Measurements: B88 W56 H85


Bag hip skirt big ass exposed, Upskirts the temptation ...

All men like big ass girls, big ass But what makes a man fascinated by?
Yesterday I saw the ass - the temptation to Upskirt
Big and round 
 Traces of visible underwear
 Close to, full ass
 Plump ass package hip skirt
 Can not stand it?
 Upskirts soon staged
Protagonists play


Instant Sex:Home sex、office sex、Garden sex、Beach sex……

Sex is sometimes prepared, and sometimes sudden. With all due respect to your affections for your partner, quickies aren't about aking love? They're about lust. Wonderful, heat-seeking lust, minus the frills and fuss. Highly excitable, very explosive sex in minutes. Literally. The trick, ironically, can be holding back. It's important to realize that quickies don't require having all-out sexual intercourse.
 Granted, you wouldn't want a sex diet consisting of nothing but ham, bam, thank your girl friend? But a quickie can be a sustaining snack for your libido when you don't have the luxury of time for a full sexual menu. 

 Quickies may sound like the type of thing men would be into and women would merely tolerate. But the fact is, sometimes your woman doesn't want the music, the flowers, the poems. She doesn't always yearn for the tender tracing of her body. Sometimes she simply wants to be tackled when she walks through the door, and made to feel insanely desirable. The eroticism of surprise - a reminder of the full force of a lover's needs and desires - can be a powerful motivation.

  A quickie can give you an erotic jolt. Impulsive, unplanned sex keeps the buzz alive. There no doubt that quick sex keeps you connected and feeling good.
 Emotionally, the feeling of being desired, satisfying a partner and oneself enhances one's self-esteem. Quickies encourage people to try different ways of having sex. We live most of our lives in a state of habit. We end up having sex the same way and doing the same things without really thinking about what we're doing or why.

 As long as you and your lady have an understanding as to what type of conduct is welcome, it's perfectly all right to grab her and strip her clothes off (bearing in mind that tearing buttons off an expensive blouse is not a turn-on). 

 A quickie can be as spontaneous as putting down the shopping bags and bending her over the bonnet of your car. Or a quickie can be planned, allowing her to dress for access with clothes that can be easily removed, or a skirt that you can simply slide up. A quickie doesn't have to end in intercourse, either. It can just be a session of mutually pleasurable touching. These ravenous rendezvous can be used as a form of foreplay to keep each other primed for longer passion pursuits when time allows. 

 The best quickies involve the build-up of excitement long before you actually touch. This build-up can take the form of an erotic note left folded in her diary. Or grab your cell phone and SMS sex text to her. By the time you fall upon each other, she will be a panting, lubricious heap of pulsating desire. (Remember that sex testing only works if your abbreviations make sense. Nothing kills the erotic mood like having to request clarification). 

 One of the best things about the quickie is that you can be imaginative about where it happens. Which is great, because most men love having sex out of the bedroom. 

Many sexual partners enjoy taking sex on the road. The most common place for adults to have sex outside their bedrooms is in the car, followed by bathrooms, someone else's bedroom, or in a park, or at work. 

 New and risky locations are the best form of foreplay. Make use of novel surroundings to awaken your senses and bring you both into the moment. You have a wide range of choices for venues - you don't need much time, just energy, privacy and a hit of lube. Anywhere, Anytime 

 To the practiced eye, anywhere can be a shag spot - a library, an art gallery, a parking lot. So how do you make it happen when the appetite strikes? First, find a quiet corner. Push your partner up against a convenient wall or seat. Undo zips and buttons, and pull clothes up, down and apart just enough to allow penetration. With one eye peeled to make sure you won't be caught out, have fast and furious sex. A good position for this kind of quickie is to have her stand with one foot resting on a chair and to enter her from behind, leaving your hands free to play with her big tits

 Beanbag Chair 
 Get your girl to straddle you on a beanbag chair. Don't worry - the cushioning will prevent knee burns. Use your legs to thrust forwards and backwards while she rolls her big ass in circles. 

 Stability Ball
 Lie her on her stomach over a stability ball while you settle yourself over her, doggie-style. Have fun gently rolling to and fro. 

 At Home 
 The options here are limited only by your imagination. Ask her to dance to some raunchy music with you - naked. Slide her panties aside while she's on the phone with her boss and let your mouth make her quiver. Take your clothes off and pull her to the floor. Lean her against the kitchen counter. Hoist her on to a vibrating tumble-dryer. When you have your position, bring her pelvis up close and tight and thrust with wild abandon. Ejaculate. Hug and relax together. Simple. 

 In the Garden
 Don't ignore the possibilities of open-air sex in your garden. All the better if they involve a wheelbarrow or a low workbench - a great place for her to straddle you and pump up and down while you play with her bouncing breasts. Other opportunities include...
 1. A hammock or tree house, if you have a head for heights.
 2.  Pool. On a warm day, fill up a  pool and take a dip. Sit on your heels while she lies flat with her head on the opposite edge and raises her big ass towards you.
 3. Slide. Take off her panties and have her climb the ladder ahead of you. At the top, have her bend over, feet still on a rung, big boobs pressed against the slide. You hold tightly to the sides of the ladder. Flip up her skirt and have some slippery fun. 

 At office 
 Your desk, or hers, is the obvious place - she lies back and pulls her knees up towards her big tits, you have the freedom to use your tongue or your penis on her deliciously exposed clitoris.
 Alternatively, sling her ankles over your shoulders, making an L-shape of her body, and move straight in.
 Another option is the office stairwell, especially if yours is clean and carpeted. Sit down on a step and seat her on your lap facing away, her legs outside yours. Her feet should be on a level where she can use her legs and arms for leverage. She could also kneel on a step below you and give you a blow job. Then you switch places and return the favor. Open her legs and part the moist labia further. She'll come in about 30 seconds.
Standing posture, do you like? Have her stand facing the wall or holding on to a banister, one foot on a step or two higher than the other. Grab her hips and enter her from behind, or use your fingers to get her going.

 In the wild
 Having sex on the bare earth may sound raw and sensual, but the reality of the matter is that leaves and dirt are not natural lubricants, so whip out a sleeping bag or picnic blanket to keep things comfy. Without it, one wrong thrust will leave you with a stick in the back or a twig in a not-so-comfortable place. Using lubrication outdoors is also problematic, as it causes every little speck of dirt to end up where you least want it. And don't forget about the insects whose homes you are invading. Days after a romp in the wild, you may find yourself with itchy red bumps on skin that's not normally exposed.
 Raining? Yes. This is about as erotic as it comes. Primal instincts mixed with lust and the excitement of being outside in a rain storm all make for quickie sex you'll never forget.

 On The Beach 
 The beach offers maximum opportunity - how long does it take to remove a bikini? - but it does come with risks. During the hottest parts of the day, areas of your skin not usually exposed to the sun can burn in the time it takes to do the deed. And pay attention to the wind. If it's blowing sand into your face, imagine how it will feel on your sensitive bits. Your moan of pleasure might also be silenced by a mouthful of sand.

 The allure of the quickie lies in its brevity and the purely wanton way it is often carried out. Many of us fantasize about quickie sex in a particular place, or have had at least one session that has left amazing memories.

 The Fantasies: 'I fantasize about having sex in the middle of the UN General Assembly,' says 26-year-old Will, a doctoral politics student. 'Imagine the international goodwill the event would represent'. His choice of venue is a little narcissistic, but Will's exhibitionist scenario isn't unique.

 Public places for sex also appeal to Deon,  a photographer. His fantasy is to have fast, wet sex overlooking the  Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong. 'I'd have her from behind. The sex would be basic, but the setting stupendous,' he says with a grin. 'She'd be leaning over a railing, so we could both enjoy the view.'


How to get her through the Asian girl's big boobs

How to get her through the Asian girl's big boobs Breasts are perhaps the only organ that have such an endearing effect on a man's psyche. Many research shows that suckling a great pair of big boobs will forever remain the most luscious of all fantasies. An interesting natural feat in this regard is that big boobs have the tendency to swell and allow the nipples to point the pleasure of being caressed.  Most Asian girls love the tantalizing feeling that a caress, a brush of the hand on the big boobs bring! A virgin woman would get devastatingly aroused on having her big boobs being fondled.  For most Asian girls, big boobs are probably the most sensitive organs that allow room for foreplay to occur. Of course repetition of anything leave alone the same act, allows it to diminish in its effect. Then there are the aureoles, or the smiling molds that surround the nipples that are known to be the fastest to understand the touch of ecstasy. And because the room for arousal has already been set, it's interesting to note that at most times, big boobs swell up to 20 to 25 times larger than its original size. But of course this takes place a lot during foreplay!Big boobs play a major role in enhancing a Asian girl's confidence and personality. It's intriguing to note that there are many cultures that take notice of the size if the breast. For example, Americans and Asians are like large big boobs, the bigger the better, the French, die-hard romantics that they are, believe in the size of the breast to be as big as that which can fit within a champagne glass!  Then there are other literatures that believe in the real origin of breast sucking pleasure to be hidden somewhere within our subconscious mind. Like the fact that we all remember certain traces of our childhood, (especially the early childhood) is reminiscent enough that at some point of time, we all remember what it felt to suck our mother's breast.   During a sexual encounter, however, it is nature's strange way of allowing the swelling and deflation of the aureoles that by the time the nipples harden and become erect, (and this happens especially after achieving orgasm) the body confuses the lover of not demanding any more love, as he has already been prepared for taking off to the next round of fantasy. Generally men associate erect nipples to the preparation of a Asian girl's lubricated vagina; in short, set for sex!But with this movement, it's a little confusing when he's all hard to be refused by his lady love! This simply means that if you're not sure if her erection means the beginning of something new, then you'd better start learning newer techniques in winning over your lady love.. If you don't get it... Try it out yourselves, you'll see what I mean!


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How to Attract an Asian beauty? You have so ask yourself?

In order to attract an Asian beauty you need to know where you can find them. Many people have a misconstrued inclination that these girl are hard to find simply because of their race. However this is not always the case.

Searching in places like your restaurants, shopping mall and even night clubs are nice places to look if you are interested in attracting an Asian girls. Many Asian girl that reside in the world today are modernized which means that it is easy to find them.

A good way to attract an Asian girls is to find out different locations where these girl hang out at. When you approach an Asian girl do not try to come off too strong, because inadvertently coming off too strong scares any girl away.

Be yourself and you will see that attracting any girl that you have your eyes on is an easier task then you may have assumed. There are no secret things that you have to perform in order to attract an Asian girl so do not be deceived by what some people may insist that you have to do. It is possible to learn how to attract an Asian girl.

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